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NB: This dataset is a tab-deliminated tsv file.



This dataset has the following pieces of information:

  • Author - the first author of the publication (surname then initials).
  • Consortium - the name of the consortium.
  • PMID - the PubMedID of the publication.
  • Date - the date the paper was published (YY-MM-DD).
  • Trait - the name of the trait.
  • EFO - the corresponding ontology term(s) for the trait.
  • Analysis - description of the analysis performed.
  • Source - the table where the result can be found in the paper.
  • Outcome - the outcome of the analysis.
  • Exposure - the exposure of the analysis.
  • Covariates - the covariates adjusted for in the analysis.
  • Outcome_Units - the units of the outcome.
  • Exposure_Units - the units of the exposure.
  • Methylation_Array - the array used to measure the methylation.
  • Tissue - the tissue in which the methylation was measured.
  • Further_Details - any further details on the analysis.
  • N - the total number of participants used in the analysis.
  • N_Cohorts - the total number of cohorts used in the analysis.
  • Categories - the total number of individuals in each category (e.g. 200 smokers, 150 never smokers).
  • Age - the mean age of the participants in years.
  • N_Males - the total number of males used in the analysis.
  • N_Females - the total number of females used in the analysis.
  • N_EUR - the total number of European participants.
  • N_EAS - the total number of East Asian participants.
  • N_SAS - the total number of South Asian participants.
  • N_AFR - the total number of African participants.
  • N_AMR - the total number of Admixed American participants.
  • N_OTH - the total number of participants of non-EUR, non-EAS, non-SAS, non-AFR, non-AMR ancestry.
  • CpG - the CpG site.
  • Location - the location of the CpG based on hg19 coordinates.
  • Chr - the chromosome where the CpG is located based on hg19 coordinates.
  • Pos - the position where the CpG is located based on hg19 coordinates.
  • Gene - the gene where the CpG is mapped to based on the Ilumina manifest.
  • Type - the type of CpG (e.g. CpG island).
  • Beta - the effect estimate.
  • SE - the standard error of beta.
  • P - p-value.
  • Details - any additional details on the analysis (e.g. sub-trait).

NB: Missing information is left blank.