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Author PMID Outcome Exposure Analysis N CpG Location Gene Beta P
Battram T 30602389 DNA methylation Tissue EWAS Catalog re-analysis of GEO data. GEO accession ID is GSE124366. Tissue types are buccal epithelial cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells 215 cg01986630 chr16:53946263 FTO 0.13 9.3E-63
Bonder MJ 25282492 DNA methylation Fetal vs adult liver NA 195 cg01986630 chr16:53946263 FTO -2.05945 8.4E-34
Sikdar S 31536415 DNA methylation Smoking random effects meta-analysis 15907 cg01986630 chr16:53946263 FTO 0.0045 1.2E-09
Wozniak MB 23526956 DNA methylation Clear cell renal carcinoma NA 129 cg01986630 chr16:53946263 FTO NA 3.6E-56




*this tab-deliminated tsv file contains the full set of variables, i.e. those in the downloadable catalog.